Beautiful Weddings and Designer Dresses at Ricca Sposa

Ricca Sposa

Weddings are special and so are wedding dresses. Ten years down the line, it’s the dress that will bring back all the nostalgic moments and the beauty from that one beautiful wedding day. The dress needs to be perfect. The lace, the corset, the veil, the linen, the beads and the trail, everything has to be just perfect and oh so gorgeous. The gown has to embrace your own personal taste and a sense of fashion and elegance with a touch of modernity. Now all this and much more are available at Ricca Sposa. No more of hunting down stores and asking in for favors to buy designer wedding dresses.

This online portal will provide you with all the information and details you need, to buy one of the dresses from the store itself in Ukraine.


Each wedding and prom dress is made under a specific theme. Beautifully crafted with lace and everything else you want in your special dress is made here. Your preference is the top priority and everything revolves around how you look in that elegant white gown. There are a variety of collections, even offering a lot for kids as well. There is the wedding collection, the summer collection, the prom dresses and the Fiore Couture collection 2015. All these categories have a number of different dresses that you can choose from for your special occasion.

Apart from wedding dresses there is a collection specially designed for evening wear. To buy evening dresses you just need to look at the beautiful collection and buy from the store itself. Each dress is unique and made keeping in mind the varied preferences. You can get your own custom made gowns as well in cases where you have a lot of time in hand.

The word prom brings back a lot of high school memories. The first dance is always a memory to cherish and to make it even more memorable you can get beautiful prom dresses from this unique designer store as well. Each dress has its own statement and fashion line, created to suit the preferences of a wide variety of customers.

Go make your weddings even more special with Ricca Sposa.

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