Budget Wedding Favors: Wedding Sparklers

Wedding Sparklers

Most couples are in a constant juggle between what they want at their wedding and what they can afford. Finding items for as inexpensive as possible is always a big help, and an easy spot to start is with your wedding favors.

One of my personal favorite favors that will be budget-friendly to every couple is wedding sparklers. Sparklers are a very simple item at first glance, but there are tons of great ways they can be used at a wedding to create lasting memories and fun experiences for both you and your guests. However, since most people only shop for wedding favors once in their lifetime, weighing out the pros and cons of choosing wedding sparklers can be a little difficult. Here are some key things to consider when you do your shopping.

How Will They Be Used?

There is a great number of ways to use sparklers during your wedding, but there are 3 ways that stand out and are most frequently seen. First, and most popular, is to use your wedding sparklers in place of birdseed or rice after your ceremony. The next popular way to use them is in your centerpieces to be used as a way of toasting the bride and groom instead of clinking glasses. Lastly, some couples like to organize a “photo shoot” using their wedding sparklers to create shapes, words, or cool effects in the background of their photos. Depending on how you want to use your sparklers, there are different sizes available.

Which Size is the Best?

Though there are times when other sizes can make sense, I usually recommend the 36” wedding sparklers to most people. They are the longest option and burn for 4 minutes, so you won’t need to worry about running out of sparkles anytime soon. If you have a smaller wedding, you could choose 20” wedding sparklers instead and usually they will work just fine. Some couples on a really tight budget opt for either 14” or 10” wedding sparklers, but they work best as a secondary favor rather than part of an activity since they burn so quickly.

Where Should I Get Them?

There are really only two options you have if you want to buy sparklers for your wedding, and that is to go to a fireworks store or shop for them online. Unfortunately, most fireworks stores will only carry a limited selection of wedding sparklers in favor of selling sparklers that are packaged for other holidays. Your best bet is to get them online from a specialty store that sells wedding sparklers with a good reputation and plenty of reviews on popular wedding vendor websites to verify their quality. Many companies that sell wedding sparklers stock very poor quality sparklers and that can make a big difference on your wedding day.

Using sparklers as your wedding favors can be a great way to clear up some extra budget room, but don’t expect any easy shortcuts. Weddings are very expensive and require balancing your priorities if you have a limited budget, but you can easily chew away at it if you choose inexpensive wedding favors such as sparklers.

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