Fuller Figure Wedding Dress

Fuller Figure Wedding Dress

So your big day is finally here, but have you found your dress yet? Well, this is what can make your big day awesome or ruin it. Finding a good fitting dress might be stressful especially if you are a curvaceous woman. It takes patience and a little bit of time before you can finally get something for yourself. Anyway, for a period of time now, wedding dresses for curved women have been ruling the runways. This is because designers have recognized the increasing demand for design options that will be le to complement fuller figured women. Top boutiques for bridal accessories have also joined the game as they now stock sample dresses in sizes that are perfect for curvaceous fuller figured women who would like to try on the dresses on the spot. With that being said, below are some tips you can consider when shopping for wedding dresses for a curvy bride

  • Fitting dress

Of course nobody would want to put on a dress that is too huge and won’t fit them. For instance in the UK, the average bride is usually a size 16 but this shouldn’t worry you. If you are a curvy woman, you should consider going for a dress that will flatter your curves and slim down your silhouette.

  • Do your homework

You can always start by looking through numerous bridal websites or magazines and find something that would suit the needs of a curvaceous lady. For instance, dresses that are sampled in sizes 12 and 14 are always made for someone with a size 12 figure. With this in mind, you should for labels that are specifically designed for size 18. Size 18 dresses or gowns are usually made to cater for ladies with curvaceous body.

  • Dress size

It will always be about the size and nothing else. You should choose a dress that is perfectly proportional to the size of your body. You cannot take the same dress at that designed for a size 12 person and expect to fit you if you are a size 20. You need to first try out the dress and make sure it’s your size. This will help you avoid any surprises in future.

  • Time

When shopping for your wedding dress, you should be able to find out the time it will take for the dress to be delivered. Keep in mind that these dresses can sometimes take up to three to four months before you get to put them on. The best way to go about this is simply to start your shopping early enough. This way, you can always get room for adjustment. That’s if there’s anything that need to be changed or corrected on the dress.

  • Specific shops

When looking to but a wedding dress for a fuller figure bride, it is very important that you look them up only on specific shops. Go to those bridal shops that you know stocks wedding gowns for ladies with a fuller figure or deals with curvaceous bridal accessories. Nowadays these shops can be found anywhere. Just go to the ones with dresses that can perfectly fit you so that you try them on and make your selection.

  • Undergarments

This is also one of the important things to note when you go out shopping for a wedding gown. You have to be putting on the correct undergarment when trying out the dresses. A tummy control brief with a great fitting bra is just what you need. However, most dresses nowadays come with a bra already attached to it. Sometimes you won’t even need to use a bra if you get a good dress. There are dresses specifically made and designed for people with curves. They usually have a good corsetry internally. With such a dress, you won’t need to have a bra. Just some pretty pants.

  • Let someone help you

Don’t go shopping for wedding dresses alone. Always have someone with you. You can go with your best friend or even your mum. These people will help you pick the best wedding dress enjoy the whole experience of trying them out. This is that one time of your life that everything is just about you. This is why you should embrace the moment.


Normally, no one would like to see her big day ruined just because she failed to pick a good fitting dress. It is always important to know your size this way, you will be able to avoid making mistakes. Knowing what to do when shopping for a wedding dress will save you a lot of time since you will be looking for a specific kind of dress. Well, there are a lot of other things that you can consider doing when looking for a good dress but these are only a few tips that will guide you to making a great decision when it comes to picking the best dress for the big occasion.


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