Some Unique Wedding Photography Ideas That Will Blow You Away

Wedding photography

Wedding photography occupies an odd place in the public consciousness. People simultaneously expect top-tier work but resent having to pay for it. When planning their weddings, people do not always realize how much they will come to treasure their photos. The planning process distorts the importance of the food and the table settings; the pictures are the only parts of the wedding that will last forever.

A good wedding photographer gives his clients what they want while going with his gut and putting his own unique spin on the images. He has to spend enough time with the couple before the wedding to develop a sense of how to capture the essence of the bride and groom on their special day. The photographer has to strike a delicate balance between classic photography and modern quirkiness for example wedding photographer Lee Glasgow takes perfect shots of the bride and groom around the wedding venues, you can see how the surroundings are perfectly encorporated into the photos captured at Stubton Hall and some of his Warwickshire wedding photography to which he prides himself in.

One way to accomplish both of these goals is to play with color and framing. The most of-the-moment look is pale pastel tones, not rich, bright colors. Toning down the colors during editing gives the pictures the filtered feel that people have come to expect from current photography. The professional quality can be maintained by making sure that the focus is tight and the perspective is flattering to the subjects of the photos.

Focusing on the couple and surroundings

The couple does not have to be in the exact center of the frame in order to draw focus. The couple could be placed at the extreme end of the frame but kept in sharp focus. Leaving a large swath of uninterrupted, slightly blurry landscape in the middle and other side of the picture is a great way to include imagery from the venue.

Capturing the best wedding moments

The photographer should try to steer the bride away from excessive pre-wedding pictures. Brides love the idea of taking shots of their bridesmaids getting ready and their shoes still in the boxes, but taking too many pictures early in the day causes the brides to lose steam. The best pictures happen during the course of the wedding, when the bride and groom are feeling the rush of genuine emotion and are not posing self-consciously.

Capturing movement is a great workaround if the couple has a hard time posing naturally. There should be a good mix of the bride and groom looking at each other in profile and facing forward. Having them look off in the distance at an angle makes the photos look classic; smiling straight at the camera results in amateur pictures.

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