Unusual Wedding Food Ideas

Wedding Food

Choosing what to serve at your wedding is always difficult. It is important to choose a menu that offers enough variety to assure that everyone will get what he or she likes.  However, many couples are now opting for unusual and exotic food choices for their wedding day. Here is a list of unique ideas for your wedding dinner.

  1. Breakfast for dinner

 Breakfast for dinner is always a crowd pleaser so why not have it at your wedding? From elegant mini crepes to gourmet scrambled eggs in baking bowls, there are many breakfast-inspired dishes are being served at many weddings this season. Omelet stations, make your own waffles and mimosas are also staples of this new wedding food trend.

  1. Dessert-Only

Couples that are having late night weddings are now opting to forgo a formal sit down dinner and choosing rather to have a dessert only buffet. This is perfect for those with friends and family that have serious sweet tooths and would prefer to snack and drink rather than have a traditional wedding dinner.

  1. Upscale Comfort Food

 From gourmet sliders to French fries served in Monogram bags, many cocktail hour treats are upscale interpretation of comfort food. Some couples are even serving dress up versions Cajun and soul food on their special days.

 So no matter if you choose to have a non-traditional reception dinner, a casual cocktail hour or have unusual dessert your wedding is sure to be all the more memorable if you have an unusual menu.

And to get more ideas for your wedding menu try 6978 Soul Food of Chicago, IL, The Breakfast Place in, Attleboro, MA and The Heavenly Dessert Company of Colorado Springs, CO.  Be sure to use Groupon pages to find eateries in your local area as well.

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