Wedding Appetizers Made Easy


Catering a wedding can be a daunting task. If you have been appointed as your family’s penny pincher extraordinaire, tasked with catering a wedding even though you’ve never cooked a family dinner, you’re going to need some help.

Between designing the menu, preparing the main courses, ordering the alcohol, and dealing with the help staff, you might have forgotten the appetizers somewhere in there. It’s a lot of work being caterer, right? Well, to save some time and money, take advantage of delivery services like Peapod that will bring the food right to you. Peapod will bring you fruit that will help create the perfect, healthy appetizer for your guests.

Of course, your family entrusted you with the important task of saving cash while you are at it. Right now, Peapod is offering awesome deals through a partnership with Groupon. You will receive an automatic $20 off your first order with Peapod, perfect for trying out a sampler to see what’s available and help with menu planning! What’s more, Peapod and Groupon are offering 60 days of free delivery. This will help tremendously. No need to agonize over your cart, wondering if you got the order exactly right. Just keep working as best as you can, and when you think of an additional item you had forgotten, go ahead and order it without any worry!

Bonus: Felt like a dunce when you realized you left off appetizers? Make sure you give wedding gifts to your special guests. For the wedding gift that keeps giving, consider signing up special guests for a Gold Medal Wine Club subscription. Right now you can find deals of up to 40% off. That means shipping quality wines to your special guests at only $10 a bottle. If your special guests like wine, and who doesn’t, consider sending them off with a gift that will last beyond the ride home.


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